HELL YEAH!!!! Tsarlag in the new Artforum!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to tell him he’s in a magazine you can buy at the mall….


HELL YEAH!!!! Tsarlag in the new Artforum!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to tell him he’s in a magazine you can buy at the mall….

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hm seems like i don’t do tumblr anymore i guess its pretty much over. next time i attempt an internet presence i’m ready to share it will be really explicitly constructed and not be tumblr… but in the mean time while i am in school.. here is the index of the first  websites i’m working on building? kind of a new medium for me but will be more of the style of any future websites—- .. I’m still working on too many things to have a real website with my name on it  to put forth to the world i think. after i graduate i’ll do that I suppose

i like building websites just having my work exist in non-tumblr-y ways more than blogging/re-blogging. just not really an appropriate platform for me rite now and i think its good for me to get out of this content loop anyway. twitter is my favorite in terms of a more social internet which i believe tumblr is as well, if you are into that. hope I havent missed any amazing posts of yours, send them to me ! 


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Rachel Johnson

Henna ‘N Placenta

Video, sculpture and installation 

plastic sheeting, aerosol paint, wire, liquid latex, Hask “henna n’ placenta, tyvek, mylar, hair of the artist, ‘natural’ conditioner bottles.

structure diameter 6’, height 10’ | video 9.30

Fall 2013

Performance exploring the narcissistic portrayal of a moral self through consumer items and the heightened presentation of a moral self through frequent online representations as well as underscoring the heightened currency of and expectations of efficacy of taboo substances based in sacrifice and ritual and the contrasting desire for sordid potency/fertility and sterile, clean, white, fragrant purity in female culture.

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Rachel Johnson

Excerpt from Public Pools

HD digital video



This is a short sequence from a documentary I currently in the process of editing. The documentary seeks out the roles of the public pool in a community and how it creates public space. Observational footage and interviews discover the deep sense of healing individuals find in water and its role in personal growth as well as community interaction.

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Free Trial sample from Togetherness Tank installation.

sound by Jeff Rehnlund

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 An instance on I-54 W

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Video is an appropriated progression of Lindsay Lohan aging throughout the years that has been bisected into green and red and strobes rapidly to give an impression of both simultaneous co-existance of both poles and an overall predominance of blue in the combined image. Audio is a BI- naural ization of two of Lohan’s songs 1) “That Girl” from Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen - a precocious pop self actualization of a girl setting out to achieve her dreams 2) “Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)” a heart-wrenching pop ballad written to her absent and abusive and alcoholic father. I turned these two songs into binaural frequencies- stereo tones that have a difference of between 10-30 Hz that, when separated to right and left ears by use of a headphone are perceived as one beating tones as they are mixed at a rapid speed by the brain. This process within the brain also alters the state of the brains functioning when experienced over a period of time.

Wear headphones for optimal experience.


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Swollen lids without cease, softer than salt

Wolves every night.

Swollen open unto splitting

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